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Spark Ar Studio – Photo Filter

Through my love og photography was born my love of editing. Facebook & Instagram now support story filters. I sell lightroom preset on etsy alrealdy for other creatives to enjoy so I wanted to expand my audience and upload them to stories. Learning Spark Ar studios was a challenge, however it payed off. I have now accumlated over 10,000 views on my filters and have an auidence that uses them in five conutries. 

My Two live filters

Campfire is a burn’t orange color filter and is my most succesful with 9.8k impression

Twilight is a pale blue filter with sprakles on white points it has 1k impression

These numbers are by user that create with my filters and I have done little promo to grow my auidence. Right now they are just discoverable on Facebook and Instagram



Content Creation + Feed Management

I currently run one organizations page, one local business page, and my page. I take pride in creating cohesive color content as well is attractive to the viewer. I find nothing more satisfying as a smoothly curated feed.


Dogstreet Cafe is a local restaurant in Livingston, AL. When I joined their team, their online presence was lacking visually. I created their Instagram and quickly grew their following with brand photography and diner vibe photos. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Cream + Green 

Dogstreet Cafe Feed

Saturated Color + Food

Personal Feed

Pops of color + Lifestyle 

Creator + Admin of BHM Dachshund

Creation + Growth

I started BHM Dachshund in July of 2021, it is a local group of proud dachshund owners to communicate, meet up, and ask question. 

I plan monthly meet ups for all pups to play as well as moderate the group. This is my passion project and brings me joy.